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Calm your mind, heal your body, retune, relax and de-stress. Discover personal mastery & the feel good factor. Find life direction, upliftment and clarity with a therapeutic healing reading or discover the balancing, stress relieving, health giving harmonising properties of Reiki Counselling . ONLY £25.00

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Stress is the proven foundation of anxiety and illness depressing the immune system and creating negative patterns that impact on lives. THE BODY'S NATURAL STATE IS ONE OF WHOLENESS AND WELLNESS. Reiki assists with inducing peace and calm, boosting the body consciousness and creating the positive space where real whole healing begins. Reiki Counselling belongs in the bracket of 'new science', embracing Quantum physics and the paradigm that we can become empowered to become healthy and balanced. We just need to know how give ourselves permission to stop and create it. Help begins the moment you contact me. Appointments available all days, weekends and Bank holidays. If you can't keep an appointment, let me know. 15 minutes or more late, I may not be able to see you. Member of CNHC accredited register & UKRF upholding professional excellence for Reiki & BACP for counselling..

Life is a journey. Gain understanding of what it may hold and how to improve it. Discover how Reiki can reduce stress and restore the path to wellbeing.

How can I help? By identifying blocks to your happiness and wellbeing. By valuing and treating all parts of you encouraging synchronicity. You wouldn't ignore the gearbox on your car, so why ignore all the parts of yourself that need to be in alignment? By bringing peaceful relaxation into fast stressful lives: inducing harmony of mind, body, emotions and spirit and giving you the key to living a more inspired, balanced healthy life.YOU CREATE LIFE THROUGH YOUR THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS BUT THIS IS NOT THE REAL YOU. Using psycho-spiritual-physical awareness I can help you understand the power of your thoughts and how to use them positively, recognising disempowering beliefs and their effects on your life and body. By re tuning you into yourself and de stressing so you can see things more clearly and positively, creating new awareness, enabling you to shed old patterns and address limiting unhealthy beliefs should you choose.IF YOU KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS DONE, YOU'LL GET WHAT YOU ALWAYS GOT Reiki Counselling helps with unlocking the door to your potential and aiding healing of old wounds that hold you back so you don't repeat the negatives..

Allow me to share the passion of what I practice and offer the care and support of my 'calling'. With over 20 years of mastering the therapies I offer, I now have an effective integrative blend that treats you as a whole. Something to help you to become more empowered and live more authentically. Effects can be instantaneous and you will feel impressed by what Reiki Counselling accomplishes. Book the introductory full session for £15.00!

Why choose alchemical healing? I have embraced many concepts and studied many alternatives in an attempt to deliver a well-rounded practice and your session is focused on YOU and your wellbeing. Because I am truly genuine in my desire to help, providing a safe confidential, nourishing sanctuary where you are supported. I will go the extra mile to help you. Therapeutically, alchemy is about returning you to the positive essence of who you truly are: a powerful creator where you begin to understand how to create what you desire and be at peace with who you are.




Reiki Counselling - Luton Stevenage, St.Albans and Herts. How will it help? We will all experience Reiki differently, as each life is unique, but generally speaking people benefit from just stopping, and taking time out for peace and relaxation. In this still, beneficent place lies the pregnant opportunity for release, relieving anxiety & stress, the causative factor for most illness. Muscle tension relaxes enabling the body to heal itself whilst allowing you to feel balanced, harmonised and vibrant. The restorative quality of Reiki makes a difference, supporting the medical model by creating space for healing to occur, keeping you filled with positive vitality. When your energy centres are balanced, you become a walking rainbow. Book the introductory session at only £15.00 (applies ONLY if you have not seen me before and book at least 24 hours in advance) and experience its quality in the hands of a professional.

Many practitioners deliver Reiki but in the years I have been privileged to use this energy healing, I acknowledge that the skills of the counsellor help heal in a whole body mind spirit sense. I also use a meditative beginning to the session, which benefits in relaxing: meditation is proven to be beneficial in restoring healthful patterns. Reiki can bring up deep feelings that need release, and the gentle counselling skills aid in that process.

Sceptical about what you can't see or make sense of? You can't see microvawes , T.V , radio or mobile waves - they still work as part of everyday 'reality': it's the same with Reiki (but a finer vibration that supports and heals rather than damages) . I also offer personal one-to-one Reiki teaching where you have the ability to learn in a shorter timescale but without diluting the process.

Crystal Healing Supports Reiki with the powerful extra vibrational boost that the energy of crystals can bring if required.

Counselling & EFT Here is a confidential sanctuary where you will be supported and assisted toward releasing issues that hold you back. EFT (tapping) can work quite quickly whereas counselling can take a little longer. Both are equally valid forms of therapy and one will suit your personality and needs. Whatever you require, I will do my best to help you find a solution and feel better. If I don't feel I have the answer, I will help guide you.

Therapeutic Tarot Readings This is more of a psychological & instructive form of reading. The information from the sensitive Tarot deck is incredibly accurate and provides a tool for fast insight, clarification & guidance when you need it most. My therapist qualifications as a counsellor enable me to offer you the empathy and understanding that you will find supportive and is sometimes missing from readers. I do have many testimonials from people who have found that their lives have been enhanced by what I can offer



I am based in the Bedwell area of Stevenage: easy to locate and park or bus. I am in easy reach of Luton, Hitchin, St.Albans, Welwyn Garden City and surrounding areas. A no obligation call or text will advise you of effective solutions to life's problems and stresses and get you back on track.

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I belong to BACP to support my counsellor Stevenage, practice and counselling St Albans . Also I belong to the UK Reiki Federation to support my practice in Reiki Luton, St. Albans and surrounding areas.

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