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What is Inspired Reiki?

So, what is Inspired Reiki?

Reiki is an intelligent, wise, nurturing energy source that supports you. As an experienced intuitive practitioner I have chosen to open up to this beneficial Reiki energy through expanded awareness and self development with the ability to tune into what may be at the root of your problem. Before you arrive at the session, the connection between us is made. I am a channel for this pure, integrative energy, enabling it to connect with you and inducing profound relaxation aiding the body's instinctive ability to heal, along with revised understanding and peace, bringing balance to every cell and restoring harmony to mind, body, spirit and emotions. I do not need to touch you as the healing radiancy is transmitted without this being necessary. Generally speaking, clients feel different, calmer and better able to cope with life's stressors after only one session whilst others feel the energy 'adjusting' the body.

Non-invasive, there is no conscious input required from you, but that does not mean that it doesn't work or lacks in efficacy. Each session begins with a conversation to find out how best to work with you, then a relaxation blended with specially chosen words to work deeply to aid balance and induce healing. This is the start of a session which enables your body to produce and release the good chemicals rather than the fear-based negative ones. This creates a harmonious environment where you can relax and which allows your mind, body and spirit to realign, synchronise and stabilise. Feel release, peace and the realignment of your energy chakra system: your body's natural ability to heal will also be boosted. Working deeply, the Reiki Counselling process addresses the negative thoughts and emotions that create stress and energy blockages, and which can result in physical illness: where desired I also offer the benefits of a wise and more spiritual understanding which creates a different window on life if it is your choice to embrace it. Regular participation can enable you to deal with life's stressors more effectively and fundamentally change your life to one of authenticity. I have studied Usui, Angelic & Ascension Reiki and whilst the other practices have been growthful, I choose to work with my understanding of the Usui form of Reiki which in my experience has proved to be a powerful source of embracing beneficial energy. Click here to e mail me

What are chakras and why is it important to regularly balance them?
Chakras are spinning vortices of energy - databases of stored information. Because we are programmed, usually with the beliefs and thoughts of others that run our default in the subconscious mind, we store much negativity that continues to affect our lives adversely. We each have seven major chakras and they are situated in the body at areas where they affect our body chemistry, so getting them in some sort of balance really does influence your wellbeing on all levels. These centres of energy are like a map and they indicate the issues that are blocking you from living a fulfilling life. Each one has a specific correlation with a part of your life and psyche too, so quite a lot can be understood from what these centres 'speak' to a practitioner about your 'journey' and can highlight those areas where maybe you feel less strong or balanced.

Each being is an individual pulsing lightshow of energy. This is how we connect in the world, on a much more subtle level. All the time these energy centres are exchanging energy in the Universe, with others and everything. Therefore each of us is affected daily not only by our own personal world, but also by the greater picture in a world that can feel very negative. This negativity will affect how you feel on all levels of your being. Remember, you are much more than the physical. Once you get the physical problem, a great deal has foregone it through unhealed emotional, spiritual and mental aspects. Regular participation in Reiki can help to restore balance and harmony and act as a preventative for illness to manifest.

Modern science proves that everything is made from energetic particles, and everything is connected through an energetic matrix. The things we physically 'see' with our eyes and touch are energy in its densest form. Other finer energies, however, also exist and can be harnessed and channelled. It is accepted that microwaves cook food, and that broadcasting waves enable us to view T.V. Most of us have computers and mobile phones. These too are 'waves' of energy as are the MRI, PET and X rays and no-one questions their existence or efficiency.

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Reiki shares its transformational energy with everyone and everything adapting to the uniqueness of you. All embracing, the energy is a universal consciousness that holds no cultural, divisive or religious separation: it is just pure Love and Acceptance. If you just want to really relax and de-stress or if there is something deeper that you want to address, Reiki is for you: Guided by the unconscious part of you that knows exactly what you need, each session is unique as this fantastic energy naturally helps soothe the physical body, mind, emotions & spirit - creating the space where real and profound healing can occur whilst providing total relaxation along with a sense of vibrancy and wellbeing.

The positivity of Reiki gets you glowing from the inside out - a walking rainbow. Once you begin to feel good about who you are, it is reflected in your looks and posture, and you radiate wellbeing, which only attracts good things to you.

Sessions approximately per one hour £30.00. cancellation with less than 24 hours notice incurs full fee.


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After the initial consultation, each session begins with a gentle meditation which in itself is proven to reduce stress. You just go with the healing flow of soft music, and the specially designed words of the meditation will begin to soothe. Even if you don't find this easy, don't be concerned, Reiki relaxes you anyway. Before the session, I will outline what you might expect and answer any questions you may have. Throughout the session you lie clothed and covered: this fantastic energy penetrates everything, and my experience shows me that clients are more comfortable with a cover over them which feels quite nurturing and adds a degree of privacy so that you can more fully relax. Back to home page


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More about Reiki I belong to the UK Reiki Federation to endorse my professional standards.

Origins suggest Reiki is based on Buddhist principles. That said, the energy is non-denominational and so holds no divisive religious or cultural discrimination.

I've helped people with terminal illness, life change, chronic fatigue, MS, altzhiemers, bereavement, depression, confidence issues, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines, fertility problems and so much more.

Reiki's use in hospitals and hospices outline its healing ability, indicating that pain is reduced and that healing occurs faster in post operative surgery, reducing the need for medication.

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