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Counselling provides you with something quite unique - a confidential non-judgmental healing space in which you can begin to find solutions. Here is a place where you can be energetically supported, be eased into being open and honest without fear of judgement, blame or recrimination. Over the years, each of us becomes conditioned into certain ways of behaving and thinking and we think this is who we are. It's not! Some of the beliefs we hold are good and serve us well, and some of them are unhelpful and limiting. You can gain much from one or two sessions, and lengthy commitment is not always necessary. Counselling can enable you to resolve issues that are holding you back and help you to gain confidence and feel happier with the person you truly are. It is my intention to help you to make more positive choices and changes to enhance and empower your situation.

There are many forms of counselling: they all can work, but you need to consider which type is right for you. Researching their merits is a good way to start as one may be better suited to your personality type. I qualified as a person centred counsellor, but have also qualified in NLP and EFT. Person-centred counselling is non-directive but very effective. My intention would be to encourage you to understand yourself better and become stronger in your own time. That said, I am not going to sit in the session like a nodding dog - I will make appropriate challenge and interact with you to help so that you can move on quickly with your life. Click here to e mail me

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Maybe you can't move on, feel stuck, are depressed or unhappy. Healing you inside and out is my priority to help enable you to make effective choices that enhance your life and help you feel better about your elf.

There is a need to trust and feel comfortable with your counsellor and this is critical for therapy to be successful. Commitment to a period of four to six sessions ideally on a weekly basis initially is a good guide to timing , we would be beginning to establish the relationship along with working on some of the key issues. During and toward the end of that period, we would see how things are progressing, and then mutually review how you feel and decide what would be the best way to move forward. Whilst counselling often suggests long-term commitment, it may be that you only need a neutral supportive space and work things out quickly. I am flexible to your needs, so one session or more, either way, I can provide that professional therapeutic space.

Person centred therapy is an interactive, gentle form of counselling that allows you to move at your pace. Gentle effective support encourages you to heal effectively and permanently.

First half hour telephone consultation FREE. Then £30.00 per 1 hour session
Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice incurs full fee.

The sensitive therapeutic relationship enables you to feel at ease, becoming empowered and stronger - making more effective and positive choices that are right for you. With my support you will be helped through challenging, anxious & confusing times and will be able to shed those unhelpful patterns that hold you back.

The initial no obligation free session provides the opportunity to ask any questions and determine a way forward. Study of NLP and EFT provides me with additional tools to help effectively. For more about EFT Click here
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depression, anxiety, stress, work & relationship difficulties, bereavement, loss, retirement, change, life transitions, divorce.
Support in spiritual growth and through personal crisis and illness (whether yours or someone close to you).

I am a member of BACP the registered body for professional counsellors and psychologists.


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