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26th July 2021 
Keeping us Safe. Chakras smallest


Appointment and Arrival Procedure.

As a practitioner who is on the CNHC accredited register which upholds professional standards for health, I have a responsibility to limit any possible transmission of Covid-19 and a duty to ensure that I comply with safety guidelines advised by my professional bodies and my own conscience. To this end, a risk assessment has been completed and hygiene and cleaning protocols to keep us safe are being implemented. I am also double jabbed.

Therapy is as effective, but I do apologise for the conditionality around procedure now: however it is vital for our wellbeing that we remain safe.

Most of the preamble that would normally be captured when you arrive will now be elicited in the appointment booking call or subsequent call to you once you decide to book. As it is the advice of the governing body that time spent on the premises for treatment can be only a maximum of one hour, questions regarding the reason for treatment, along with other pertinent inquiry around health, life etc would comprise the call content. A disclaimer and a form would be sent to you by e mail, both of which would require your signature and need to be returned when you attend the appointment. If you do not have a printer, then copies will be available for you, but please bring your own pen to complete them.

To comply with regulations, I will be treating only one client per day.

Where there would have been a cancellation charge of the full fee being payable with less than 24 hours notice, this may currently be waived as it is understood that there may be the need to cancel at short notice if you develop any new symptoms that suggest Covid-19. Any other reason for cancellation without 24 hours notice would require the full payment.

It may also be necessary for me to cancel at short notice if I feel that my health is compromised.


Please use your own toilet facilities before attending your appointment and avoid drinking too much as toilet facilities are not available. If you have an upset stomach it will be necessary to reschedule the appointment.

Please arrive on your own and place any shoes, bags or coats in the bin inside the door as nothing other than the client is able to enter the therapy room. Kindly arrive promptly or inform me if you are delayed.

2 metre social distancing will be practiced. Reiki is slightly different once in the therapy room (see below).

To avoid unnecessary touching of anything in the facility, I will wait at the door at your arrival time so I would appreciate a call if you are delayed.

You will need to wear a well-fitting mask, and have it on before entering. This will need to be worn throughout the session and not be removed until after you leave.

I will wear a mask and remain 2 metres away as I follow you to the treatment room, when I ask you to take the chair nearest the window.

Reiki treatments will be practiced hands-off as I have always done. Be assured that the Reiki healing energy is not compromised and will still be efficiently directed/drawn to where it is needed.

I will need to phone you on the day before your appointment to ask questions about your current state of health. This is to attempt to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid - 19.

Please bring your own pen if you intend to sign any documentation here.

There will be deep cleaning of all surfaces including the client chair, couch, banister, door handles, bell etc before and after your arrival to ensure utmost hygiene.