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Reiki began for me in 1998 and I was impelled to it. I had been a spiritual healer for many years, studying many interconnected subjects, but Reiki 'drew' me in. It changed my life, and as a developmental and spiritual energy, continues to do so. Reiki is a beautiful journey of self discovery, enlightenment, healing and joy which I truly love sharing. When enough of us learn to live the Reiki way, then not only do we see the changes within our own lives, but also in a planetary sense. Reiki gives us the ability to feel power-ful in a world over which we seemingly have no control. It is not about the ego, but about developing a sense of awareness and shedding that which no longer serves. By bringing about transformation in our ways of thinking, life can develop into a positive and beautiful path, and connect us to our true destiny. Let me help you onto that path.

I choose to teach one-to-one or maximum two people, because you are unique. I find this more personal and it provides the space and freedom to accommodate your individual needs. I can also fulfil the teaching requirements in less time but without diluting the process. You may prefer the group process, but for those who either don't enjoy group work or who wish to accomplish all they need in a shorter time, I can deliver all you need.

Each course comes complete with a manual, lineage and a certificate.

Dates are mutually agreed and usually take place over a Saturday or Sunday but other days can be accommodated.

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Reiki 1
One day (5 hours of learning). £80.00.
Introduces you to energy work, self healing and its importance, the chakras, history and precepts that underpin Reiki.

Reiki 2
(5 hours of learning.) £80.00
Teaches 3 of the symbols and their uses. Covers chakras, auras and working with the symbols.

Reiki Practitioner
(6 hours of learning) £100.00
Requires submission of 4 case studies. An interactive day of understanding the requirements of setting up in practice. Basic counselling/personal/client skills.

Reiki 4 Master Teacher
(10 hours teaching over two days)
£160.00 An informal meeting will be required before we agree to proceed. A highly interactive part of the Reiki progress, this course will ensure your understanding of Reiki, address completing manuals and giving attunements as well as your comfort and adaptability with the energy and in working with differing personalities. Also the final symbol will be given.

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Because I want you to have a wonderful Reiki experience, should you feel that more time is required, within reason I will accommodate this within the course cost. Once your course is complete I will always be available to answer any questions you may have and to support your practice.

Between Reiki 1 and 2, there needs to be at least a three month gap, and before Master Practitioner/Teacher a gap of six months to a year at least. Ideally, you would be continuing your exploration and development as part of the Reiki process.

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